Meet Agnes

Certified Yoga Teacher RYT200

Agnes is a yoga student and certified teacher RYT200 based in Saratoga Springs, NY and Sedona, AZ.

She grew up to parents practicing yoga – a mother passionate about pranayama and slow practices, and a father loving inversions, more specifically handstands.
After many years of practice, she successfully completed Justin Wolfer’s skillful action yoga teacher training under his lead in 2015.

She has traveled to India with her teacher Raghunath, where she assisted some of his classes.

Agnes creatively designs fun and flowy classes, incorporating ashtanga, sivananda and vinyasa yoga elements to her sequences. She defines her style as “strong slow vinyasa”.

In the summer, Agnes likes to take her yoga practice on a SUP board. She is a FloYo certified SUP yoga and SUP fitness instructor, and a proud Evolve Paddleboards ambassador.

As a mountain biker, skier and dancer, she loves to share with her fellow athletes the benefits of yoga as a cross training tool to build strength and flexibility.

She designs and teaches vinyasa flow classes, as well as “yoga for mountain biking” and “yoga for dancers” programs.

She is influenced by her teachers Raghunath, David Robson, John Smrtic, Kelly Kamm, Petri Raisanen, Justin Wolfer… her family, animals and nature.

Agnes is also a Digital Marketing Consultant, an ACE-Certified Group Fitness Instructor and PMBI Level 1 Certified Mountain Biking Coach.






Photo Credit: Andre Lenoir Jr.